April 24th 2014

Dear World,

I wake up today and read a text saying that my friend Eric was going to the gym.  I was lazy and did not want to go, but after reading that text.  I forced my self to get up and work out at the gym.  I am currently doing the DTP workout by body building.com

It is a great workout plan because it consist of high reps light weights and low reps and heavy weights.  Also,  the work out schedule is 4 weeks and the workout duration is 40 minutes. I like the fact that the work out are very short because i don’t like staying at the gym for more than an hour. 

After the gym,  I came back home and went to Target with my brother.  I bought several thing such as deodorant, toothpaste, and a travel size tooth brush for my trip to Utah.  In Addition, I ran into my friend Cang.  I just said what’s up and what he did during the week.  He will be joining me on my trip to Utah. 

I paid for my General assembly class for Front-End Web Development, which is going to cost me over $3,500 dollars.  I am a payment plan of $875 a month.  I’m worried that i might be laid off soon and i don’t know how i am going to pay off the class if i do get laid off.  This triggered me to look for a new job and update my Linkdin page.  I was able to apply to several jobs that i hope will call me back in the next couple of weeks.  I know that i will blow them away because if i stay confident, i know i will do will.  What open my eyes to not worry about what happens during my interview was when i got a call from Anya, Recruiter from general assembly.  I was able to talk to her and tell her why i wanted to take the front end web development class. i told her the truth and she was telling me that I sounded very intelligent, which gave me much needed confidence that i needed.

The things that people say to you can affect you in a huge way.  A small compliment can go a long way.  An example would be my case when Anya told me I was smart.  Just that one word made my day and i was able to figure out that, if i stay in the present moment and stop thinking about what will happen in the future, that i can succeed at anything i wanted to do.  I just need to stay in the present moment and think about questions when they a rise.


Entry 1

I’ll be back tomorrow world.  I hope that i can improve my writing and clearly express what is inside my head.


I’m OUT!


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